Why Video is Essential
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We create engaging and compelling online briefings for business communications designed to educate, inform, change behaviour and sell!

We craft the right messaging and blend video, motion graphics and great voice overs to produce productions that get results.

Delivering complex ideas in a simple and engaging way we also have the ability to provide detailed tracking in real time which is essential for follow up or when compliance matters.

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How can video help your business?

Video is now at the forefront of how we communicate on the internet.

A picture says a thousand words - right!  And moving pictures multiplies the effect.

A ‘good 60 second video’ can impart more knowledge than a several page pdf that could take 10 minutes to read.

Our friends at Brainshark in the US recognised this over a decade ago and built an impressive application and business by responding to the fact that "People remember 10% of what they read, 30% of what they see - and an incredible 50% of what they hear and see." University of Texas. Metcalf Study, 1997.

Video’s popularity is hardly surprising.

It’s also fast becoming a prerequisite for Google to consider your website to be ‘content rich’ and hence likely to achieve higher page rankings.

Gone are the days when an online video just stuttered and was rendered virtually useless as viewers broadband struggled to cope with the bandwidth required to play a video smoothly.

So it’s not surprising if you’re not doing video well you’re missing out on much of your audiences preferred way to engage with your content.

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Digital media services for industry.
We have a range of services to suite your objectives, timescales and budget.
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Industry Specialism

Increase the speed and agility of your organisation with compelling communications. Align around important initiatives, reduce risk, and share information. Deliver more personal, engaging messages and measure reach and effectiveness.


From A to Z we create marketing campaigns that drive a response from your market and deliver on your objectives. From creative concept to fully developed collateral, we make sure every element of your campaign is relevant to your customer and achieves the required ROI.


We focus on e-learning that engages, entertains and informs the audience. In essence we do this by creating mini 'movie' type productions.

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